How I got fabulous vacation impressions at Raffles Jakarta hotel

We arrived by a direct flight to Jakarta from Singapore by Silkair in the evening of the 9th July, 2017. The airport officials were quick and very soon, armed with our Visa On Arrival (possible for almost every nationality ..check the Indonesian Embassy website in your country) we were on our way having been received by the resort’s van and chauffeur. Winding our way to Raffles Jakarta hotel through the narrow lanes of this island, big brother Bali’s neighbour, we were enchanted to observe what was clearly the island’s eco-friendly and efficient mode of transport…the ‘chidomo’ or carts drawn by these sturdy ponies. We arrived to our destination for the night, Raffles Jakarta which was set amidst lush green foliage with mountains as our backdrop. Truly enchanting, so I wrote my grateful review on
This was a single villa, with a spacious room and comfortable beds and kitchenette. We loved the fact that it featured all the mod cons but with an aesthetic and creative and ecologically acceptable eye for using traditional and local crafts wherever possible. For instance, our geyser was an earthen pot into which we could mix the two temperatures of water. City slickers that we are, it took awhile getting to sleep, after which we were oblivious for the next 8 hours thanks to the surreal and serene calm that fell over the place.
The next day saw us at the beach resort. near Raffles villa. We highly recommend this to anyone looking for an idyllic getaway with an idea of sleeping beside the sea as this is what we did. The rooms were $65 a night. Every room had these beautifully carved comfortable four poster beds and the open-air toilets, an additional bonus. The staff were helpful, informative, and extremely hospitable, and obviously well managed by their charming General Manager Sara Sanders. As we spent most of our time reading and sleeping on the broad square shaped sit-out by the sea, I couldn’t think of a better phrase than ‘All’s well with the world’!
But the real icing on the cake had to be this bit of Paradise hidden away deep in the village which was their third resort, the Raffles Resort. My advice is: Keep the best for the last as we rightly decided this was truly paradise. However, you would also have to be an animal lover in order to appreciate this bit of Jakarta. The owner of this chain lives here in his magnificent bungalow and around it are smaller individual bungalows for guests. But set amidst the beautiful gardens is his private collection of animals and birds including a baby komodo dragon, a monkey, deer, python (in a cage of course) and an assortment of lovable but most inquisitive dogs. It has spa facilities as well ensconced in a cosy Javanese style bungalow. I didn’t try it but am sure it will be good.
Go ahead, indulge, and spend sometime at this village Raffles Jakarta resort. Loved it.

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